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Snake Protective Clothing

Cottonmouth Pit Viper
Venomous Snakes inhabit all of Earth's Continents except Antarctica, so there is a good possibility that you run the risk of encountering a venomous snake where you work, play, or live.  There are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of being bitten by a venomous snake, but most of them just aren't humanly possible to do all the time.  That is the reason why people have invented several types of Snake Protective Clothing, so themselves and others can rest assured that they will not get bit by any type of snake.

Snake Protective Clothing comes in many different forms and each has their advantages over the other, as well as some have their time and place over one another.  Here is a quick list of the different types of snake protective clothing that is available and effective:

  • Snake Gaiters
  • Snake Boots
  • Snake Chaps
  • Snake Gloves
  • Snake Pants
Legs: As you can see, most of the snake protective gear on the markets these days are designed to protect the legs.  That is because the majority of snake bites occur when a person steps on or too close to a venomous snake, which results in an envenomation.

Hands: Legs are not the only part of the body prone to snake bite.  Hands are also a very common area to get bit.  These bites typically occur while gardening or other type of work that involves putting hands into places where snakes like to hide.  Also, some people like to handle venomous for fun, sometimes resulting in a venomous snake bite, which gives snakes poor publicity when they were only defending themselves.
Venomous Snake Distribution throughout the world.

Who Gets Bit:

Unsurprisingly, the majority of snake bites occur predominately in males between the age of 15 - 30 years of age.  This is the result of two reasons.
  1. Boys will be boys.  They think they have to be daring and tend to play around with venomous snakes either for the adrenaline rush and or to show off to friends.  Not to mention that most boys just think snakes are cool and want to handle them even though they are not properly trained to do so.  Many times it is a result of miss-identification of the species.
  2. Location: Young men tend to find themselves in venomous snake territory more than the general population.  This could either be for work or recreation.  The majority of the hard labor jobs that take place on the ground, in rural areas, and other spots that snakes inhabit are typically done by the younger generation of men.  Also, young men tend to be more adventurous than other demographic groups, putting them into conflict with venomous snakes more often than others. 
Ways to Protect From Snake Bites

The best way to prevent a venomous snake bite is to stay away from areas that venomous snakes inhabit.  This is obviously not as easy as it sounds, as snakes can be found anywhere including metropolitan areas.  Then, if you live, work, and play in venomous snake country, then you might run the risk of getting bite every time you take a step, even inside of you own home.  In this case you can significantly decrease the chances of getting bit by wearing snake protective clothing.

What Type of Snake Protective Clothing is Best

Snake Gaiters are very effective.
The type of snake protective clothing that will be the most effective for you will depend on several factors.  The size of snake, height of brush, time of year, the climate, location, your job, price, and many other factors are all things that must be considered before you decide to buy snake protective clothing.  Read through this site and become familiar with all options before you decide to buy anything.

Though all forms of snake protective clothing we suggest on this site are 100% effective, you will get what you pay for, so go with the best you can afford.  For the most part, higher priced items equal greater comfort.  The more comfortable the clothing is the more likely you will be to have it on when you need it.  Snake protective clothing offers no benefit to you if it is inside your vehicle or closet.

Thanks for visiting Snake Protective Clothing.  I will be very pleased to help you attain peace of mind when venturing into venomous snake territory, and I pray that you never actually need it.

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