Friday, September 9, 2011

Snake Boots

The one piece of regular clothing that has possibly saved people from the most snake bites are boots.  Of all the snake bites to the leg, a very good amount of them are below the average boot level.  Even tennis shoes have prevented their fare share of snake bites in the past.  The problem in that many snake bites that do occur are just above the standard boot, which is where Snake Boots come in handy.

Walk through snake country in confidence!
Snake boots are very similar to regular boots except for the fact that they extend up to just below the knee.  the average height of most snake boots tends to be 16" - 18" high.  They are just behind snake gaiters for popularity.

Snake boots have several pros as well as a few cons going for them.

To start with, lets look at some of the pros:

  • Effective: Snake boots are 100% effective against all snake bites that are below their top.
  • Comfortable: If you get yourself a good, quality pair of snake boots, they will be surprisingly comfortable and you will barley notice the added length unless it is hot .
  • Sturdy: A good pair of snake boots are built tough and give you plenty of support much like a regular pair of high quality boots.
  • Style: Snake boots can be purchased to fit any type of style, but if you like the western style and outdoor style, then there are definitely plenty of boots to choose from. Check out the different styles from the best snake boot manufactures at the link below.
Danner Pronghorn Snake Boot
Now for the Cons of Snake Boots:
  • Hot: Snake boots can become uncomfortably hot when the heat cranks up
  • Expensive: a good pair of snake boots will cost at least $100, with the higher quality snake boots costing at least $200.  Check the link below for the prices on snake boots.
  • Size: Snake boots take up quite a bit of space when not in use.
Snake Boots are great for if you plan to wear them all day, especially in harsh environments where snake gaiters might want to slide down.  Snake boots also help to keep your feet dry (if water proof) as it takes a lot of water to submerge just below your knee without trying to.

One of several Chippewa Snake Boot Models
A I already stated in the pros and cons section of this page, there are several different styles of snake boots to choose from.  For the avid outdoorsman, Danner makes a great pair off of their signature series boots the Pronghorn, which have more than likely prevented an incalculable amount of snake bites from occurring without the intentions of preventing snake bites; just for having them on at the right time, or wrong time, however you want to look at it.

Chippewa also manufacture snake boots and have a lot to offer with the style being predominately western in nature.  They are very comfortable though and look very nice.  They a especially popular in the south where rattlesnake roundups are a common occurrence. 

There is a lot more information to share on snake boots, but you should go to the website where they really know what they are talking about:

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